TruckStars (2018)

Gear up for truck bashin’ multiplayer action in the most exciting new Augmented Reality game around!

Release: March, 2018
Role: Development Director
Platforms: AR capable mobile devices (iOS, Android)

In 2016, I was invited to participate in an extraordinary collaboration with Google ATAP. Our goal was to rapidly develop concepts and prototypes to help drive the technology roadmap for ARCore Google’s Augmented Reality solution for seamlessly merging digital content with the real world. We focused on developing persistent multiplayer prototypes to demonstrate how novel AR experiences can bring people together in the real-world.

TruckStars is a full realization of one of our early prototypes. What started as an exploration of a “gaze-based” control method where a player’s avatar (in this case a toy truck) could be guided around your living room simply by aiming your phone where you wanted it to go.

It was an unexpected delight to be able to extend the prototype into a full game experience. Even more unexpected was that we were given permission to release TruckStars to the public!


TruckStars Official Website