Mech Warrior 4 (2000)

Deal Death and Destruction from the Cockpit of Towering War Machines.

Release: November, 2000
Role: Game Designer
Platforms: Windows

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance takes place in the BattleTech universe of the future, where giant robots slug it out on faraway battlefields. The creators of BattleTech and the original MechWarrior game return to give MechWarrior 4 an all-new story line and six new BattleMechs. You can customize any of the 21 available Mechs, though some features (such as the Mad Cat’s missile racks) are standard.

Production Notes:

In 1999, FASA Interactive was purchased by Microsoft and became a unit of the Microsoft Games Group. Jordan Weisman and Dave McCoy had heard about my involvement with Mech Warrior 2 and invited me to assist in helping his newly relocated team in Redmond develop the storyline, mission design and mission scripting pipeline for MechWarrior 4: Vengence.

MechWarrior 4 was released in November 2000 to favorable reviews.